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Nikola Mirotic NBA Player

This digital product represents a small part of personal branding that we did for Mr. Nikola Mirotic. Along with the website, we had created: logo, tagline, video promotion, etc. Cooperation still continues. Nikola Mirotic website: the pro athlete story Nikola Mirotic has decided to create a strong online presence with a humanitarian idea in the center of it. Becoming a professional athlete is a rather difficult road that builds character and strength but it also tests you out and sets challenges that will make or break you. Having a clear goal, tough stamina and personal heroes proved to be helping along the way up. Nikola had an idea to talk about his career, perseverance and lifelong dedication to helping the fellow men through a personal website. Designer&Gentleman team was more than eager to work with him on this inspiring project. Nikola Mirotic: the hero story We spent time with Nikola and first made sure to get to know Nikola Mirotic ‘the man’ before meeting the ‘pro athlete’. In his case, this approach proved to be the perfect way to understand him - his decisions, life choices and beliefs. Beneath this 6 ft 10 in tall Montenegrin power forward there is an interesting life story that naturally became his brand story as well. The ‘Nico, suave’ that ecstatic sports commentators shout after Mirotic’s passes, threes, spins and dunks, is actually a great description of the elegance and confidence in Nikola’s basketball style. What we have learned is that his secret to this court presence is hard work and modesty. Also, this is the way he is in person - modest, funny, family guy with friends across continents. He is a father, as well. So the responsibility to be a great role model is now even grater. The hero story was born out of a comment of a fan that Nikola got after one of the games, however, the hero mission stuck with Nikola for years and has never left him. To be someone’s hero is not a headliner story, it is a promise to yourself to constantly improve and get up quickly after the downfalls. Nikola believes that we all can help someone - everyday we can find an opportunity to change someone’s life, to inspire them and push them forward. That’s the everyday hero stories Niko is looking for on his website. If each and every one of us did just one good deed for someone every day, time with the number of people in your city - how many happier faces that would be? How many more challenges would be accepted, more exams passed, more mountains climbed and fears overcome. It would be amazing. And it is possible. That is why Nico’s website leads you to share your hero stories. Let’s help each other go higher. Nikola Mirotic / Creating a Personal Brand ‘Concentrating before the free throw is the only reason to look down’ - Nikola’s words may as well be the key to the entire UX of his new branding and the website. The logo Before embarking on the logo creation first comes the serious homework. We explore, investigate, learn about what already exists out there, especially in client's industry. The second part is to research how the client’s story can be told visually and transferred to symbols. This was a really special client with the strong set of beliefs he lives and plays by and a worldwide career. Nikola Mirotic’s ideas were the basis of what was to become his signature sign. The challenge was to create a logo with that level of details, complexity that depicts one person's character while at the same time keeping the form clear and minimal. The process contained many rounds and revisions until the final result was born. The logo contains a crown, his initials, letters N&M, number one, basket hoop and the half of the ball that drops in it. There is a certain resemblance of the ‘coat of arms’ approach to this logo since Nikola comes from a Montenegrin family and takes pride that he lives by ‘the good old’ virtues of modesty, hard work, and giving back. In his successful sports career, all the ‘glitter and gold’ comes as a result of the effort, not as the goal. He is proud to have won many highly coveted awards but keeps on actively working on getting better. Everyday. The logo in the animated version shows that never-ending process of betterment. In sports, as well as in life, if you have the ambition to be the best you can be, there is no resting on the laurels. The website The scroll goes up, and the whole story develops as you go higher, through Nikola’s personal and professional story, to his message and life motto and finally to the message aiming at you. The hero is you - use an opportunity to help someone and push them up. Instead of lateral or regular scroll down, we have decided to engage the visitor more and to imprint the story into the gestures and the overall experience. Nikola is also very tall and it also serves as a good point for the hero stories - giants are not big because they are tall, but because what they do. The website is the perfect way to present - visually and in words, Nikola’s life mission and basketball philosophy. Get up. Get Better. Everyday. Voicing the life moto Starting in Montenegro and loving soccer with all your heart, then all of a sudden growing like a tall tree and having to stop soccer is already a lot to take in for a young boy. Nikola Mirotic started basketball trainings when already a good soccer player and had to re-learn the rules and moves. It was not easy but his coach Jadran Vujacic never gave up. In the Joker club in Podgorica Nico was roasted to become the future NBA player, of course, he was not aware of that at the moment. But Jadran knew that Nikola will reach great heights (and not just because he was tall). There was an innate quality to Nikola - he was not easy to undermine and he never gave up. Later on, after many life trophies and challenges, and the last one with the Bulls, Nico realized what was the motto he lived by. No sugarcoating, no bull - you got to give your all and then tomorrow do it again. Also, there is another driver - if you are on a mission to be a good role model, you cannot let distractions get you down. That is how ‘Get up. Get better. Everyday.’ was born.

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