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Namale Creations

Namale, n. 1. From the Fijian language, meaning “Unique Jewel”. 2. Second largest island in the Fiji archipelago, Vitu Levu.   Since her early age, Feda has had a passion for the creation of jewelry. As a child she liked to watch the family jeweller do its work in the city of Aleppo in Syria. When she arrived in Canada, she brought with her a passion that has never left her since. A couple of years ago, she decided to create her own jewelry brand, Namale Creations, making a childhood dream come true. Namale is a word that comes from the Fijian language and means “Unique Jewel”, it perfectly represents her products which are all handmade and crafted with the finest materials available.  But what did we do exactly? Identity / Web design / Web development / Stationary / Posters / Strategy / Photography

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