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Muhammed AK

I am 26-year-old internet enthusiast who lives in Bangalore, India. I'm fully fledged and well educated in all aspects of the web, with expertise in Responsive Website Design & Development. I create notable Brands, high-value websites; secure, easy & intuitive Content Management Systems. I am a graduate in BSc Visual Communication. In 2007, I achieved a Diploma in Multimedia & Animation from Arena Animation Academy. I’m a self-learner and make use of online resources optimally for most of my web knowledge. I have more than 7 years of experience in Photoshop and Illustrator and programming languages. Most of my works are based on PHP or Ruby Rails in conjunction with other modern web technologies such as MySQL, Javascript & jQuery, AJAX, HTML, CSS, JSON, Bootstrap etc. I always make sure to make my code SEO friendly and as clean as possible. In addition, I'm able to convert designs to high quality, cross-browser compatible HTML5/CSS3 markup. When I am not at my desk, I spend time with my family and enjoying other the things in life like football and writing.


Muhammed AK

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