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Where do I begin?
The first step is to Register with us. If you already registered with us please login.
What is the next step after registering or logging in to the site?
You can submit your website. On the top right of the navigation menu, you will find Submit Entry . Click the link and submit your website. Fill in the form and get your websites submitted. A thumbnail of 1200 * 800 is mandatory. If the site does not belong to you, mention the name or URL of the developer or designer (brains behind the exceptional work needs a mentioning). Your submissions are most welcome. It is free of cost.
Am I eligible for submitting my website here?
Yes; If your website satisfies the following criteria that we take into consideration:
  • Unique
  • Clean
  • Professional
  • Exhibit exceptional aesthetics
  • Visual creativity
  • Quality Content
  • Professionally coded using HTML5 and CSS3
Security of Your Site
We care for your security and our privacy policy reserves the rights of the website owners.
Boostlizer’s privacy policy
The design you submit is your sole property and we do not hold the responsibility of the content that will be displayed across the platform. It is in the owner’s sole interest to submit their websites on Boostlizer. By submitting your websites in Boostlizer, you are agreeing to our terms and policies. We do not owe any responsibility to the content or design of your website that will be speculated over Boostlizer taking it to viewers across the globe.